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Welcome to “snoopsmaus – a travel blog for snoopy travelers.“
snoopsmaus is the internet pseudonym of Romy Mlinzk since 2000.
Romy never planned to write a travel blog. She became a travel blogger by accident. Maybe she will publish this story later…

This travel blog is meant to be an inspiration source for people without kids, not backpacking anymore, loving some kind of adventure paired with some luxury, culture, and city breaks. Follow us on epic train rides, road trips, and wellness experiences as well as photo exhibitions and hotel room checks.

More information about our trips you’ll find on Romy’s social media channels (you can also follow the live videos on Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram Stories).


Romy Mlinzk
Travel Blogger & Photographer

Romy aspires to be more than a blogger. She plans to travel the world to showcase more of the hidden treasures that tend to be overlooked by many people. A photographer at heart, a blogger by nature, a traveler by blood.

Romy (*1981) is based in Dortmund, Germany and works as a blogger, freelance writer, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content and Community Manager.

She is a blogger since 2006.
German travel blogger since 2013.
Finally starting to blog in English.

Photo: Niels Rohrweber


Simon “Sim Sullen”

photographer, some kind of web geek, music snob, ex-night porter, fellow space tweep, netlabel veteran, conference tourist, hobby Discordian, semiprofessional idler & professional in universal amateurism

Simon is – together with Romy – living in Dortmund, Germany.
From time to time he is joining Romy traveling the world, providing beautiful images from hidden treasures.

Photo: Oliver Konow


Guest Blogger & Team Member

Andrea is living and working in Dortmund. After many mistakes and confusion, her passion is now on the coffee front. As an ambassador of the fine filter coffee, the (art) historian still has a love of opera, music and fine arts in her blood. As often as possible, she also travels and writes for snoopsmaus.

Photo follows.


Guest Bloggers appreciated. Please drop us a note if you would like to contribute on snoopsmaus.