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Welcome to snoopsmaus, a travel blog crafted for snoopy travelers. Pack your bags, hit the road and do not forget to send me a postcard!

About me

snoopsmaus is Romy, Romy is snoopsmaus.
snoopsmaus is the internet pseudonym of me since 2000. I never planned to write a travel blog and became a travel blogger by accident. Maybe I will publish this story later…

This travel blog is meant to be an inspiration source for people without kids, not backpacking anymore, loving some adventure paired with some luxury, culture, and city breaks. Follow my team and me on epic train rides, road trips, and wellness experiences as well as photo exhibitions and hotel room checks.

A photographer at heart, a blogger by nature, a traveler by blood. I aspire to be more than a blogger. I plan to travel the world to showcase more of the hidden treasures that tend to be overlooked by many people.

My home base is in Dortmund, Germany and I work as a blogger, freelance writer, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content and Community Manager.

More information about my trips you’ll find on my Social Media Channels.

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