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Cooperation with partners in the tourism industry, destinations, and other partners, matching my blog thematically are possible. Please contact me via email ( for your request and further information.

Facts & Figures

The German part was launched as Social Media and personal blog in February 2012.
In August 2013 I started to develop a travel branch.
In November 2014 I outsourced the Social Media part of the blog.
And finally, in 2017 I started an English version.


Individual, City, Outdoor, Culture, Food, Train Travel, Road trips, Sustainability.

In my media kit, I provide more information. Please send me an email, and I would be happy to send it over.

My cooperation possibilities

    • press/blog trips to showcase for example your destination, city or hotel
    • high-res images
    • drone footage
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Raffles


      • I will not provide content free of charge, e.g., to apply for a campaign.
      • Also, I do not take part in votings.
      • Please send me an email with your request.
      • During the further procedure, I will be pleased to keep the details in an email or better a contract.
      • Would also be happy to keep a record of how many social media postings and blog posts will be published during our cooperation.
      • My blog posts are not published chronologically to my travels.
      • Blogger or Press trips/fams are appreciated – please invite me! This is optimal for research. Please remember, do not put too much on the agenda. There is hardly any time left to research own individual topics or to fulfill contractual details such as social media posts.
      • Please take into account that I would like to produce my photo material. Please plan some time for it, thank you. Thus we can achieve an optimum for our stories together. 🙂
      • I would be deeply grateful if WiFi or 4G could be provided at an event or during a press/blog trip. This makes it extremely easy to work on the road, to fulfill our arrangements, e.g., social media postings.
      • My blog is free of banners and advertising widgets. This will not change in the future. Please avoid requests of this kind.
      • I support sponsored posts (advertorials). However, I can not afford to get paid for my opinion.
        All co-operation will be published with a disclaimer; paid content will be named as it and contain no follow links.
      • Donations or other financial contributions for travel/campaigns are welcome and are handled transparently.
      • I accept guest contributions only from other bloggers. But do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions. Together we’ll find a solution to your corporate content. This is not free of charge as they are advertorials, advertising or “Sponsored Posts.”

Please understand that I may be traveling and have only limited access to the Internet and thus the response to your email might be delayed.