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Arctic Circle on Speed – Ice Karting in Lapland

These Finns are crazy! Standard karting would not be enough thrill of speed! No, it must be indeed driving on frozen water north of the Arctic Circle! Everything else compared to it is uncool.

It was directly taken from an open space, prepared the ice and created a course with snow. Entirely around the ski resort of Levi in Lapland (about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle) and with -15 to -35 ° C — no problem. There was enough snow around when I was there in late January 2015.

Snow around Levi in Lapland (Finland)
Snow around Levi in Lapland (Finland)

But still, drive an unclosed or even well-tempered vehicle at the temperatures? My teeth chattered when I only thought about it — and not just from the cold, but it quickly vanished into the thick overalls.

The shortly before driving #Selfie
The shortly before driving #Selfie

Ice Karting in Lapland — what fun!

But that was only fun! When I felt the adrenaline, the wind blew in my face, and I figured out slowly how to drive the kart, to slow down and accelerate at the top: I did not want to stop. Even if I drove more cautiously compared to the rest of the squad, I had a lot of fun, and I found out jostling and overtaking is not too bad. And everyone did it with lots of fun also. Since the wayside gave no centimeter, so many times we remained stuck in snow or pirouettes were conjured “elfin” on the ice.

Ice Karting in Levi, Lapland (Finland)
Ice Karting in Levi, Lapland (Finland)

After a too short time the first few laps were completed, and the course was prepared again for us. Meanwhile, we warmed up by the campfire and met each other with hot juice, touch glasses on all the fun. But only briefly! Next round — just opposite this time. The course now was almost entirely of curves to the right, it felt much harder to drive, but the adrenaline shot quickly in all areas of my body and my right foot pushed through, strange … 😉

Ice Karting — The Race

For the last few rounds, the operator of the track had come up with something special: a race! I did not win, but we had a lot of more aggressive drivers there, but it had necessarily to be recorded for posterity!

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More Information

There is a more detailed version of the “Ice Karting Experience,” in which you will be more addicted to the noise of the engines. 😉 If you want to see more videos like this, I am pleased if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. So you stay up to date regularly.

Ice Karting? Again and again!

Karting on the ice was incredible! It is as crazy as it sounds, the adrenaline is everywhere, and you want the thrill of speed will never stop. But unfortunately, everything comes to an end. The time went by too fast. Sorry. I would do it again and again. Not you? Man or sissy? 😉

Do not panic that you overestimate yourself. The route was monitored all the time, and there was also the possibility of external access to the karts to handle or slow down the karts in sticky situations. Especially with some reckless racers, it is sometimes used as an “educational” method of the track marshals. If you landed in the snow, these track marshals were also quickly spotting you and heaved you out of the white. Everything even safe if you stick to the rules.

Would you like to try it?


Ice Karting Levi
Tuomikuruntie 131
Levi, Sirkka
99130, Finnland

phone: +358 400 200 115

Website: – online booking up to 10 people

Facebook Page

TripAdvisor Profile


59 €/person, Minimum: 2 persons
incl. transport from/to hotel, equipment (including stronger girls like me) and beverages, taxes

Group Rates

5–10 persons (1.5h): 85€/person
10–20 persons (2.5h): 75€/person
20+ persons (3h): 65 €/person

The minimum size of a driver

140 cm

Opening Times

according to Facebook daily 10 am — 8 pm

From 26.01. to 02.02.2015 I was invited by VisitFinland to visit Tampere, Helsinki, and Lapland (#LappDance). Ice Karting was part of our program in Lapland in collaboration with Visit Levi (#OnlyinLapland). My opinion remained unimpressed.

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