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Did you know I have a tiny little Instagram account where I continuously share some photos of my travels? This creates a visual storyline of my trips and is a perfect overview of where I’ve been. Feel free to follow me. ☺

In the middle of August 2014, I spent seven days in Southwest Nova Scotia (Canada) to discover the landscape, wildlife, food, culture, and locals.

One Week in Nova Scotia

But let’s start at the beginning. My journey to Canada began in Frankfurt, where I took this spectacular photo of a plane in the sunset, landing the day before I left first to Montréal, later Halifax.

At Frankfurt Airport #travel

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am


The first 36 hours in Halifax were incredible. Meeting Pam (the most fabulous host you can imagine), my fellow travelers (all handsome guys), getting in touch again with great food and of course with Halifax.

God Morning from Halifax. It’s 7:15 am, time to wake up and get ready to discover the city. #explorecanada

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

It was nice to discover a little bit of the city with the Ambassatours, like the Public Gardens or the Fairview Cemetery with graves of the Titanic tragedy. For a deeper understanding of the maritime history of Halifax and of course of the Titanic we visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic direct located at the great waterfronts of Halifax. The waterfronts are a neat place for hanging out, having some food, and meeting “new friends.”

Walking is right for you, grabbing some food while walking is even better. 😉 That’s what we did, a Local Tasting Tour. From the Seaport Market up to the World Tea House we tried everything from Squares to Burritos.

But I guess the Five Fishermen Restaurant was one culinary highlight — mainly because we were introduced to “Nova7″, a rosé sparkling wine of Nova Scotia (Benjamin Bridge Vineyard). I fell in love…

Peggy’s Cove

But it’s not the only love… Canadian and foreigners love to come to Peggy’s Cove, a small community in the south of Halifax with an iconic lighthouse. It’s one of the most photographed spots in Canada. I couldn’t resist myself.

The iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove. One of the most photographed spots in Canada. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

But the small town has more to offer then the lighthouse.

Downtown Peggy’s Cove #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

Mahone Bay & Lunenburg

Along the scenic Lighthouse Route to the South, it’s easy to find more such beautiful places, like Mahone Bay and of course the old town and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lunenburg. It’s also the home of the Bluenose II, a racing schooner. You might know about it. It’s on the backside of the dime.

Grüße aus Lunenburg. #explorenovascotia #stattpostkarte

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

Shelah, herself a 7th generation Lunenburger, took us on a walking tour, showed us the hidden gems of the city and introduced us to Lunenburg.

Hello Mister! How are you? #streetart in #Lunenburg #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

The influence of the seafaring is visible in Lunenburg. We learned more about it at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic with its working wharf. I’ve been on the retired schooner Theresa E. Connor, a very colorful ship.

It was hard to leave the scenery, but there are thousands of hidden gems in Nova Scotia like Blue Rocks.

The little secret of @pamatnovascotia – one of her fav spots and not on our itinerary. So lovely. ?

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

To get in touch with the ancient history of Nova Scotia and the first nation people we went down to Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site for more information about the Mi’kmaq and their waterways. We strolled through the woods of “Keji,” saw the Mills Falls, and canoed at Jake’s Landing.

White Point Beach Resort

The oldest and most famous oceanfront beach vacation destination called White Point Beach Resort was our stay for the night. The weather changed a little bit, but it was still good enough to tip a toe into the water.

Tiped my toes!! Into the Atlantic Ocean!! #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

To be close to an ocean it’s always beautiful. I feel refreshed, and I like the sound of the waves. What about you? Do you like the sound of the sea, when the waves break?


But we had to move on. Shelburne was waiting for us for a boat tour. Shelburne Harbor is one of the largest natural harbors in the world surrounded by some lighthouses.

Crossed Sandy Point Lighthouse with our boat. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

On the boat, we learned some things about fishery and especially lobsters and lobster traps. Nova Scotia is a lobster-wonderland.

On a boat. Get told how to find and catch a Lobster. This is a serious Lobster, worth approx 60 CAD. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

The waterfront of Shelburne is quite lovely. The picturesque houses are even better from a boat.

And: don’t miss Charlotte Lane Café with its Swiss Chef Roland. I guess we looked starved. Otherwise, I can’t explain while we had so much food and were so full on this day.

Ye Olde Argyler Lodge

But the next meal was just around the corner… At the Ye Olde Argyler Lodge, the stay for the night, we had our dinner — and I had my first Lobster Poutine.

Lobster poutine at @argylerlodge – the special poutine of Nova Scotia, a must try! #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

Such a lovely place to stay. Even with fog coming in and out.

Time to leave the @argylerlodge. Thanks for having us. Amazing place to stay and eat. Thanks John for my breakfast. ?

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

Eel Lake

But where is all the fresh food coming from? We saw how to trap a lobster, but Nova Scotia is also known for oysters. So we went to the Eel Lake Oyster Farm to get taught the habitat of oysters, their stages of growth and how it grew.

Sun comes out at Eel Lake Oyster Farm. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

We sampled the fresh product from Eel Lake, e.g., grilled with bacon and brie.

A good start into the day, isn’t it?

Whale Watching at the Bay of Fundy

As we’ve been on the Evangeline Trail traveling to Digby Neck, we walked on the ground of Acadian land. A fascinating historical story to be told later. First, we had to deal with the fog — and some of us with seasickness on the boat out to the Bay of Fundy for whale watching.

Fog bank at Bay of Fundy, at a community called Meteghan River. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

The whales were incredible! We saw three humpback whales, and one was in a good mood, he wanted to entertain us, clapped and waved around 6 minutes.

My once in a lifetime shot of a whale at Fundy Bay. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

AMAZING! What a day. Unbelievable. We talked about it the whole evening at Digby. The next day continued to be fantastic with a perfect sunset and the chance to see the extraordinary tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Annapolis Valley

We all sharpened our senses in Nova Scotia, but the last full day was special. It was the culinary overflow. Farmer’s markets in Annapolis Royal and Dempsy Corner Farm,

It’s peach season! Time for a warm and fresh Peach Cream Cheese Muffin. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

a lobster experience at Halls Harbour, wine tasting at Planter’s Ridge Vineyard, Foxill Farm & Cheese House and last but not least dinner at Luckett’s Vineyards with a stunning sunset.

Dinner with a view and a very nice sunset. #explorenovascotia

Ein von Romy Mlinzk (@snoopsmaus) gepostetes Foto am

It was the nicest goodbye I’ve ever had. Falling asleep in the Blomidon Inn (Wolfville) made me dream of more …


Thanks to CTC and Tourism Nova Scotia for inviting me to GoMedia and the pre-fam to Nova Scotia. My thoughts are my own.

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