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Street Art in Montréal – The Mural Festival

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The Mural Festival takes place for the fifth time in Montréal. The city celebrates Street Art and its artists legally. Everything revolves around the Saint-Laurent Boulevard, and high-fashionable graffitis in the district of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End. 21 different artists from all over the world, as well as locals, are invited this year to beautify themselves around the Boulevard houses and put their works artfully into a scene.

What is the Mural Festival?

Again, it is Felipe Pantone from Spain, who has also worked in the past in Montréal and likes to combine bright colors with geometric shapes.

Felipe Pantone - Montréal Mural Festival
Felipe Pantone – Montréal Mural Festival

But also local artists, such as the French-born SbuOne, are on site and fill the walls of the city since the o8. June 2017. Every visitor to the town can still be there until the 18th of June to see how the works are created or admire them in retrospect. The entrance is free, as everything is publicly concentrated around the Saint-Laurent Boulevard and some galleries. Also, there is a framework program of, e.g., parties, conferences and guided tours around murals.

SbuOne - Montréal
SbuOne – Montréal

Most shops around the Mural Festival are closed in those two weeks, but food trucks and pop-up stores line the Boulevard and its side streets. Meanwhile, the festival is the largest in North America and attracts more than 1 million visitors each year.

I spent a day on the “Plateau” last July and behind every corner, at every turn, on every corner, the most beautiful and craziest graffiti and murals sprang towards me. In the previous four years of the Montréal Mural Festival, many of them have been produced. A small selection I have brought with me. More you’ll find on Flickr. Have fun browsing!

But not all graffiti in Montréal are classic works of art. Also in the Plateau lives the tagging and smearing are to be found on the secondary roads. Of course, there is also street art outside the Saint-Laurent Boulevard – even if, for example, Old Montréal was spared. There is so much to discover!

How do you like that graffiti/street art is democratized?

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